NOEBY Nonsuch Series Slow Jigging Rod

TypeSpecificationDrag(kg) Tip Dia (mm)Butt Dia (mm)Weight(g)CarbonSectionTel. Length(cm)Guide
NBSJC652ML13' 0"(3.97m) Lure:100-260g Line:PE4-810212.614795%21396+1
NBSJC652M14' 0" (4.28m) Lure:100-260g Line:PE4-8122.112.416195%21387+1
NBSJ652ML15' 0" (4.58m)   Lure:100-260g Line:PE4-8102.112.515295%21386+1
NBSJ652M5' 6" (1.68m) Lure:200-500g Line:PE6-81221216295%21387+1
NBSJ602ML5' 2" (1.58m) Lure:350-800g Line:PE8-1210212.315595%21487+1
NBSJC602ML5' 2" (1.58m) Lure:350-800g Line:PE8-12102.112.917195%21488+1
NBSJ602M5' 6" (1.68m) Lure:350-800g Line:PE8-1212212.616695%21487+1
NBSJC602M5' 6" (1.68m) Lure:350-800g Line:PE8-12122.21317195%21478+1

1. Each rod is also equipped with a premium FUJI Reel Seat, large area, excellent fixation, wide diameter fishing wheel seat of easily grasping, surface use non-slip rubber coating specifications.

2. Premium Fuji OXID Guides and a Fuji Alconit tip guides help reduce weight and also provide many of the benefits of micro guides, while still allowing knots to pass through unimpeded.

3. Carbon fiber handle provides increased sensitivity and strength in a comfortable, lightweight package.

4. Fishing wheel seat uses the gasket with high sensitivity, lightweight rigid foam material.